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All in the Family

Growing up, I thought my two older sisters were THE COOLEST. Wanting to participate in all their 'big girl' activities, secret clubs, and conversations, I was willing to do just about anything to be included. They always had a price, and of course I was willing to pay. I was too young to understand that decades later, the tables just might turn.

I remember the time they dared me to put an entire pancake in my mouth at once. Luckily our Mom came in before I choked. Or the time they thought it would be funny to take all of the candy which was used as bribery for potty-training, so when I finally used the toilet the celebratory Mike & Ike's were nowhere to be seen. And the times my oldest sister got me hook, line, and sinker by promising to give me a candy bar if I would just take out the garbage. Or fold her laundry. Or make her bed. Damn I was a sucker.

Decades later, my two sisters (Jen and Teresa) are public servants. Their careers are beyond admirable to me. When I went into the field of media and marketing, I didn't feel I was making a difference in anyone's life as they do (on a daily basis.) But then DirectHERy came along.

So now I'm doing my part in the world by helping woman-owned businesses and the consumers who want them to prosper. And my sisters serve as my biggest cheerleaders, supporters, confidantes and inspiration. They were amongst the first to ask "how can I help?", and now they are AmbassdHERs in their hometowns and wear the Woman Up logo with pride.

Just like the team at DirectHERy, they are champions of women and believe in strength in numbers.

I finally forgive them for their childhood antics and know I couldn't do this without their support. Thanks for representing in Austin, TX and Bellingham, WA. Woman Up! Sister Up!

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Jen Bean, side hustler and AmbassadHER in Bellingham, WA
Teresa Watkins, representin' in Austin, TX

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