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OpenCloseWhat is DirectHERy?

DirectHERy is a free online hub for woman-owned businesses. In everything from automotive repair to retail and from law to lawn care we make it easy for consumers to find and support the woman-owned businesses in their communities. We were founded by women, but the site is for everyone.

OpenCloseWhere did the idea come from?

Our founder, Kate Fletcher Heaney, was traveling in Nashville and looking for a place to grab lunch. At the time she really wanted to find a restaurant owned by a woman, to use her dollars to support another woman directly. But the moment when she needed it, there was no easy-to-use resource to guide her. It occurred to her that a cohesive, robust, online directory of women-owned and women-run businesses didn’t readily exist. Thus, DirectHERy was born. Well, actually the name came to her in the middle of the night! Learn more about us.

OpenCloseI’m a business owner, how do I get listed, and how much does it cost?

It’s so easy – just click here to get the ball rolling. Any business can be listed for free, that’s right, no cost what-so-ever! For business owners who want premium bells & whistles, check out our MembHERship program, which is $25/month.

OpenCloseHow do I know the businesses are really owned by women?

We have had many discussions about this and decided at this point we will follow the honor system. We monitor new listings daily and are confident that if we don’t catch a non-woman-owned business that tries to get listed with us, one of our consumers or business owners will. There’s always the potential for a bad apple in the bunch! We also reserve the right to request a business owner’s EIN and other documents, if necessary.

OpenCloseI’m a consumer, how does it work?

Again, it’s so easy – just type in your location and the category you’re interested in and Search results will populate. Bam! MembHERs will show up at the top of the results, and all other listings will be below. We are adding new businesses every day, so sign up for our NewslettHER for alerts, fun challenges, and other exciting news. Also, shoot us an email if you are interested in a category you don’t see listed.

OpenCloseHey, I don’t see any reviews or ratings?

That’s right. We’re experts at helping you find and support woman-owned businesses, but DirectHERy doesn’t include ratings or reviews. We are ratings-ed out. This website was designed in the spirit of building a platform for woman-owned businesses. Ratings do not feel like they align with that vision.

OpenCloseHow much does it cost?

DirectHERy is free for consumers – search as often as you’d like, it doesn’t cost you a penny. We want you to come back again and again; we want to become THE PLACE to find what you’re looking for and support the businesses owned by women.

OpenCloseWhat if I’m traveling to a new city, will I be able to use

That’s exactly how DirectHERy started – founder Kate wanted to find a woman-owned restaurant in Nashville. Please use DirectHERy anywhere and everywhere. Simply type in the city name or zip code and you’ll be all set. We’re adding new cities and businesses every day!

OpenCloseThis is so fantastic, how can I get involved?!

We’re glad you asked! Please consider becoming an AmbassadHER! We are looking for people who share our passion for supporting woman-owned-businesses, in every community across the country - and score some sweet perks in the process. Want to help us spread the word? Email us at:

OpenCloseI'm an individual consultant in a multi-level marketing company, can I get listed?

Short answer, no. We would love for the founders of your company to be listed, but as of now we are not accepting individual consultants. Questions, shoot us an email!

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