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For Real Friday

Today I am declaring For Real Friday. A quick post to keep it real.

The picture above of Melanie and I is our normal. In our Pj’s, hair up, exhausted and drinking coffee in an effort to clear the brain fog after the hectic morning drop-off to our childrens' schools. We often start our work mornings with some personal venting - tough bedtimes with our kids, juggling the new demands of starting a business, being present in our relationships… the pressure of all. the. things. Then we get to work with just a little more space available to provide to DirectHERy, which we are so wildly passionate about.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have the support of a great business partner, in fact I know many of you are doing this alone. So in the coming weeks and months, I encourage all of you business owners to reach out to one another (or reach out to us!), whether it's through networking groups in your community, a women’s entrepreneurship group, coffee dates or most importantly, spending your money at woman-owned businesses.

With the weekend ahead of us, take some time to put down the work and do something that soothes the soul.

Woman Up,


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