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Let’s Be Intentional With How We Spend our Money

Women spend 80% of consumer dollars in the U.S. but our businesses only earn 12% of the revenue. Isn’t that crazy?

We purchase 50% of the big ticket items (hello, SUV, laptop, and new fridge!) but it’s insane that woman-owned business don’t get a fair share of revenue. We need to be focused and aware of the power we hold with our spending.

Let’s mindfully and deliberately seek and support woman-owned businesses in our community.

Am I going to completely give up my favorite coffee-shop which is ridiculouslyconvenient during morning drop-offs? No. But I will become more aware of woman-owned coffee shops and be intentional about supporting them as well.

We are going to make it easy for you to put that desire and intent into action. DirectHERy is here to support women-owned businesses, make it easy for others to do the same, and to show that there really is strength in numbers.

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