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Message from the Founders

Welcome to our searchable site!

It’s incredible to think that just over a year ago, the idea of DirectHERy was just that; an idea that was being floated around to a few close friends. We are so proud to let you all know that after a ton of hard work, long nights, second guesses, excitement and support from our loved ones, we have a searchable, one-stop-shop for consumers wanting to find and support woman-owned businesses.

Everything about the journey aside, we want to be very clear that our passion to pursue DirectHERy comes from our fierce drive and core desire to make positive changes in the world for women and girls. We are committed to working hard and doing everything we can in the pursuit of achieving gender equality.

We also want to be honest. This searchable site is being built day by day; you may not find everything you’re looking for right away. Why? Because we decided from the very beginning that for DirectHERy to be successful, it had to be built in a meaningful way. We want to prove to business owners that this is a valuable tool for consumers to find them, and we want to provide the consumers with an up to date, comprehensive list. We will get there, we promise!

We will be more than just a directory too. As we work on building the list, we also have a few exciting additions to! Our site will be offering interesting, fun, relevant blog posts with resources for our business owners and consumers, we will offer a CalendHER of events in your communities, our weekly NewslettHERs to keep everyone up to date, and finally, our Preferred VendHER membership that will provide consumers access to highly vetted businesses in your area.

Melanie and I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with feedback! We would love to hear from you,

Woman Up!

Kate and Melanie

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