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How do YOU support #womanowned?

It's easy to say "I support woman-owned businesses." But in building DirectHERY, and in keeping myself accountable, I like to share specifics about what I do and whom I support. And we want to hear how you do it, too!

Listen, Starbucks is convenient. Just a few minutes from my house. And I likely have a few gift cards in the bottom of my purse.

But in starting this business I've vowed to be intentional and deliberate with the businesses I support. So I drive a few extra minutes for my morning brew to intentionally support a woman-owned coffee shop. Date night? Great, let's hit the newest woman-owned restaurant downtown. Medical, dental, professional services. The list goes on and on.

But it's not just about spending money, so I also put my mouth to work by touting stats about the growth of woman-owned businesses and sharing my latest finds: cool stores, restaurants and personal services right here in our own community. We always ask soon-to-be launching business what we can do to help.

How do you support #womanowned? And what can we do to help you, our consumers? Share with us on Facebook, Insta, or email!

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